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Challenge 2019

Decision making

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PoliMI degree challenge


January 2019

Happy New Year !!!

The new session for 2019 will be held from the 4th of February when the application form will be available on line.

Meanwhile, we wish to send you our best wishes for the New Year.

The BusinessGamesOnLine Team



Welcome into the onLine area where the PoliMI Teams. This is the portal from where you will register and access to both the Single-Team-Trial and the Real-EuroPOLI-Challenge. The starting data for the individual and for the real challenge are identical. Data available online in the web pages are the ones that you must consider as the real company data (in case the manual show different data please consider them just like an example).


The trial (Individual) session will be available after the team list has been published:

THE FULL LIST OF TEAMS (available from the 26th February 2019)


For contacts on the business game environment only please address your mail to :




Access to the POLIMI Challenge 2019 :