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Challenge 2020

Business Game
Winning criteria
Decision making

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EuroPOLI - BusinessGame

The 2020 Schedule

1) - Registration - starts on the 4th February and must be completed within 24th February at 12:00

2) Team definition, on the 25th February (12:00)

3) The Trial session starts on the 26th february and remains until 24 hours before the Challenge decisions of the 1st quarter (9th March at 21:00). It is possible to do an unlimited number of tests: the test is limited to a single quarter and in a standard environment created by the administrators.

4) - Challenge EuroPOLI session - opens on the 3rd March (21:00) and the 1st quarter ends on the 9th March at 21:00

5) - end of 2nd quarter and upload 1st report (REL1): 23rd March 21:00

6) - end of 3th quarter: 6th April at 21:00

7) - end of 4th quarter: 27th April at 21:00

8) - end of 5th quarter: 11th May at 21:00

9) - upload 2nd report (REL2): 25th May at 21:00